Saturday, November 7, 2015

Getting Ready For The Holiday Rush: Everyone In The Family Helps Out

The holidays are just around the corner and I
am doing my best to stay ahead of the game! 

I've been busy ordering last minute jewelry 
supplies and packaging, and getting everyone 
in the house to help out in some way. I'm also 
waiting for word from my publisher that my 
two new jewelry instruction videos have been
released. It should be any day now! Yay!

My daughter Erica puts labels on jewelry boxes while kitty Sara keeps a close eye on quality control.

Having family members (namely your kids!) help out
with small tasks for your business or Etsy shop 
is a great way to bond while doing something that benefits
everyone in the family. When my girls help out with making 
packaging, or a similar task, we always have a good time talking
 and laughing, and they are learning about small parts of business, 
and also what it means to be a family and to help each other. 
Plus they love being a part of everything!

If you have your own business or Etsy shop, how does your
family help out?