Thursday, November 12, 2015

Cats And Jewelry: The Perils Of Photography With Feline Housemates

I have two cats, Sam and Sara (that's Sara above). Sam is my boy cat. He's a good boy. He likes to lay around a lot and spends most of his time in one window or another watching the squirrels, birds and chipmunks that live and play in our backyard. He is pretty relaxed cat. He likes to do his own thing and pretty much ignores my little girl cat, Sara. 

Sam. I can help you pack that.

Sara is the sweetest cat ever! She is very intelligent and very vocal. She is a puffball of fur and has huge fuzzy paws. They are both good cats, both are very friendly and love attention. And of course they love to get in the middle of things! This sometimes happens when I'm photographing my jewelry on my wide window sill (because it's big enough to fit a cat!). They see that I'm up to something, and well, of course they have to investigate!  

So nosy! Sam stuck his head in the frame right as I took this shot. With two hands on my camera, its hard to shoo away a cat who jumps up to investigate what you're doing without first carefully setting down the camera! 

I have to say I cracked up when I was going through my photos and saw this one. I was just getting ready to snap a shot of this necklace when he jumped up onto the window sill and tried to steal it!  Silly cats! Do your furry family members do things like this? 

I need that.     Hey! 

I'll watch these beads for you.

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Love, Laura


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