Thursday, July 9, 2015

Beautiful Upcycled Painted & Decorated Windows

There are so many great ways to reuse old, salvaged windows around your home and
garden! One of my favorite ways to upcycle an old window is to add some decorative
painting to the window glass to create a unique and personalized piece of artwork! 
Not a painter? Don't fret! There are plenty of other crafty ways that you can decorate
an old window and give it a whole new look while creating your own amazing piece
of home decor (think wall art decals - see below!) Check out some of these awesome 
examples of upcycled painted and decorated windows and let me know what you think! 

...and below...

Painted window by Bine  from einfachnurwir.wordpress

This window was simply placed in front of a wall decal! Great idea from Kate's Kreations!

What do you think?

Have a great week!

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