Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Painting Acorns

Last week my boyfriend Duane came over to my house with a big bag of acorns! Yay!
 We were going to paint them, so he collected a big bag full for us...but first I had to get them
prepped and ready for painting. I put them into a colander in my kitchen sink and rinsed
them with water, washing off any dirt and mud. Next I towel dried them and spread 
them all out on a large cookie sheet (use one that has a lip, such as a jelly roll pan) and
I baked them in a warm oven at 200 degrees for at 30-60 minutes to dry them out. 
After I turned off the oven, I let the acorns sit in the oven to cool. 

When we were ready to paint our acorns, we covered the table with 
newspaper and put the acorns in a big bowl. 

We didn't use any fancy supplies. I had some acrylic paints on hand
in a variety of colors, so we used those, along with a variety of craft
paint brushes. A plate or piece of cardboard serves as a great palette. You really
 only need a small amount of paint because, well, acorns are pretty small :)

 Glasses go on to paint, and off when he starts taking photos!

 The easiest acorns to paint were the ones that had a little bit of stem.
That gave us a place to hold onto them!
...but of course we still got paint all over our hands :)

I found that you need a pretty steady hand to avoid getting paint on
the acorn cap! 

 Once we painted the acorns, we placed them onto a piece of 
wax paper and set them aside to dry. 

I think we both agreed that the turquoise ones were pretty awesome!

Check out our way cool acorns!

Our work space...

"Hey that one turned out awesome!"

 Once they dry you can coat them with mod podge or another sealant. 

I think his pumpkin house was the best one! 

I thought this one looked like a miniature Van Gogh

Ghost and black cat

I made the hearts :)

We used the toothpick to try and swirl around the
paint on a few of them.

His turned out awesome!

I found that if you paint them orange they look like pumpkins!

My favorite ones to paint :)

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Have a great week!

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