Monday, January 14, 2013

The Bohemian Kitchen

What's not to love about the Bohemian kitchen? 

With it's unexpected mix of colors, textures, and unusual elements, this style
of decorating is all about personalization. 

Check out some of my favorite Bohemian inspired kitchens and be inspired!

Natural, woodsy Bohemian kitchen

Mix & match old silver and china

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I hope you have a great week! 

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  1. Love your kitchen posts, my style as well. Very cozy! Cute Blog...awesome jewelry too ;)
    -Etsy Blog Friend, Lizzy

  2. All of these are so colorful & cute. Love them!

  3. Love these-- I'm looking for a way to make my kitchen "fit" with my house without spending more than a couple of hundred dollars, and BoHo is definitely a consideration!

  4. Love these kitchen ideas!
    I've tried to use tea tins as herb planters and failed miserably. It had more to do w/ my black thumb than the tea tins!

  5. Dreamy kitchens! Love the Twinings herb pots.

  6. Thank you for posting such wonderful ideas!

  7. I am 55 years old and these are very similar to the type of kitchens me and my friends had in the late 60's and the 70's we were "hippies". So much of the "Boho" look and fashion gives me the feeling of my younger spirited , eclectic, and of course fun and colorful!!

  8. I love that these kitchens are not about how much money was spent on renovation but more about collecting treasures that are important to you, holding on to family heirlooms, expressing artistic style . . . recycling, upcycling - thrift! Great photos! My kitchen is shaping up to be bohemian or boho and I love it! The bohemian look is never out of style.

  9. Laura could you tell me where I could get that tea pot pictured above, it is quite lovely.

  10. These are so fun, thanks for the great ideas for my very small -130 year old kitchen!

  11. Great pictures and fantastic ideas. So wonderfully colorful. I just love all of them. Especially the one with the eating utensils. I do that at my house. I have a whole collection of old forks, knives, spoons and especially butter knives that I've collected over the years.


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