Monday, January 23, 2012

Vintage Bohemian Czech Glass Buttons made into Jewelry

Sometimes great beauty can be found in a small simple household object, such as button. Some of the most beautiful buttons are Bohemian Czech glass buttons, which are made in Prague. A few factories still produce newer versions of these vintage beauties, using the same traditional molds, tools and methods that their ancestors did.   

Below is a glimpse at a small part of the tools and the process of making pressed glass buttons from molds. Some of the molds are well over 100 years old.

 Negatives used to create button molds

 Button hand press with mold

 Button hand presses

Glass rods are melted in an oven

The molten glass is then pressed into a button mold
Button process photos from Nirvana Beads

Pendant necklaces made from Bohemian Czech glass buttons by Dishfunctional Designs

Sunflower motif moonglow

Green paisley moonglow

Dark blue iridescent dragonfly 

Art Nouveau design in soft blue

White rose button

Scotty dog with hand-painted details

Hand-painted frog button

Cat button with hand-painted details

Dragonfly button with swirled glass

Art Nouveau flower motif button, pink moonglow 

Vaseline glass aka Uranium glass, shamrock motif button