Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Don't Fence Me In: Creative Uses for Old Salvaged Fencing

Old fence, rusty garden gate...what can these things add to your interior decor? Whether kept partially recognizable in their original form or repurposed into something altogether new, these simple architectural elements from your garden can add a touch of interest when used in ways that are different then what you would expect. 

Salvaged decorative garden edging hung upside down from porch soffit = beautiful trellis

Garden fence chandelier via Country Home 

 Old garden gates as headboards and garden edging fence as a valance (below)

Kitchen pot rack made from old fencing by meandjilly

Pretty garden edging or gate as a valance from Homeroad

Fireplace mantle decor

Fence as mantle decor on an outdoor porch

Upcycled garden fence to new railing via lifeatfirecamp

Wrought iron fence and barn wood table


An old garden gate + S-hooks = kitchen pegboard

Kitchen storage for dish towels and cooking tools from BHG

Gate wall art

Old platters hung with salvaged garden edging fence by The Old White House

Garden chandelier

Old garden gate

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