Monday, August 2, 2010

Mosaic: When Art Inspires Poetry


I will bring my hammer down on you hard
And for that brief second close my eyes
(believe me, this hurts me more than you…)
All of your beauty –

Shattered with one swift swing
And cleaning up the pieces –

A messy job.

But I must admit – I thought of you,
In that particular, sentimental way

before I did you in

Oh, the beautiful company you’ve held,
The admiring eyes,
The groping hands once all over you,
Fingertips touching and feeling
Your every sleek curve and smooth…

Patience is the key now
To give the mastic time to dry before

Mixing just the perfect hue of grout

to complement your new assemblage

Oh wedding vase, anniversary plate,
Knick-knack cat, teapot lid.

Mosaic bird's nest bowl made from broken china

Wedding Vase

Anniversary Plate

Knick-knack cat

Royal Winton Chintz teapot and lid

Below: Necklace I made from same chintz pattern shown above

poem copyright 1999 Laura Beth Love