Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday's Thrift Shop Treasures: Silver Baby Spoons!

Thursday's Thrift Shop Treasures!

Vintage silver flatware ad. This is what I look like when I find something good at the thrift shop!

I squeezed an hour out of my busy morning to swing by one of my favorite local thrifts and it was a good thing I did...I found this awesome set of ornate, antique birth record spoons - and for only a few bucks! 

Antique engraved baby spoons!

Each is hand-engraved with a child's name and birth date. I feel a bit sad that they are no longer with the family of the original owners and landed up for sale in a thrift shop - but I will take good care of them! They are silver and in need of a polish, but I do sorta like their current state - their aged, tarnished patina is so charming! 

These will not be made into jewelry!