Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday's Thrift Shop Treasures: Silver Baby Spoons!

Thursday's Thrift Shop Treasures!

Vintage silver flatware ad. This is what I look like when I find something good at the thrift shop!

I squeezed an hour out of my busy morning to swing by one of my favorite local thrifts and it was a good thing I did...I found this awesome set of ornate, antique birth record spoons - and for only a few bucks! 

Antique engraved baby spoons!

Each is hand-engraved with a child's name and birth date. I feel a bit sad that they are no longer with the family of the original owners and landed up for sale in a thrift shop - but I will take good care of them! They are silver and in need of a polish, but I do sorta like their current state - their aged, tarnished patina is so charming! 

These will not be made into jewelry!


  1. I adore your store! Besides sewing, I also dabble in mosaics. Your jewellery is just beautiful ♥ Monique xx

  2. I found you through Original Mischief on facebook and just had to say hello. Your work is amazing and so beautiful. What also caught my eye is you live near me. I live in Whitehall Pa. It is nice to find other artist on Facebook and Etsy that live in your area, goes to show how we are all connected somehow. Stop by my FB page when you can. Digna!/AutumBluesJewelryDesigns?ref=ts

  3. Found you through Original Mischief's blog post, but actually saw her FB post first...she's great at promotion!

    Your jewelry is stunning! I just bought the one featured in OM's post, and I love your blog too. I have a thing for vintage silver & I love what you've done with yours! Will stop by often to see what you're up to!

    P.S. I'm in NJ. We're neighbors :)

  4. Please don't paint the wonderful chair you found. We all seem to be forgetting the beauty of one of nature's most enduring,beautiful and versatile creations...wood. You always seem to run across the best "finds"! Our local thrift shops certainly don't have anything comparable to yours. I'm jealous to say the least. Really enjoy your blog!