Friday, May 24, 2013

My Cup Of Tea - Teacup Crafts & Home Decor

Teacups are great for repurposing into crafts and home decor projects!
They're inexpensive, colorful, interesting, and their unique shape can be
used to hold or store items. Check out these great ideas for repurposing 
teacups and maybe you'll be inspired to create a similar project yourself! 

I think my favorites are the simple planters. What could be easier?
I think they'd look great on a window sill.

Teacups as hooks for aprons - great for the kitchen!

Hookmaker Teacups add grace where it is lacking; it holds your knickknacks and trinkets, and has a hook for you to hang your keys. I’d like to hang a bunch of these together, just for their dramatic effect.
Teacup organizer Yanko Design

What do you think?

I hope you have a great week! 

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  1. Love all them

  2. I love all these idea.... and I love tea cups. I have been thinking of making bird feeders with some of mine but worried that they would break when it got windy.

  3. So many awesome ideas! I love the clock and using them as apron holders, the candles are gorgeous! I really need to do the bird feeders!

  4. Wonderful uses for teacups, love them.
    Anne xx

  5. love the pin cushion and candles, of course tea cups for tea are also lovely.

  6. Teacups for chandeliers is really a great idea. Lots of Teacups needed to do that kind of project. LOL!

  7. So many great ideas! I HAVE TO TRY SOME!

  8. I love these! I have my late grandmother's collection of tea cups that would be beautiful in several of these projects. But I don't want to drill holes in them or cut them. I might have to scour yard sales to find ones that have no sentimental value to me.


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