Monday, May 20, 2013

Thrift Shop Find: Simple Antique Wooden Chair

I was thrilled when I spotted this wooden chair at a local thrift shop a few weeks ago. 
The timing wasn't right though, and I passed it by due to lack of time and thought. 
I did think about it again over the next week and or two and when I returned to that 
same shop it was still there, so I grabbed it.  At $10.00 I thought it was a bargain! 

I've recovered these types of seats before and they're relatively easy to do. 
My tough decision now is whether or not I want to paint the wood. Hmmm. 
At first I thought maybe turquoise or bright red, or even a lime (kinda neon) green...

What would you do with it?

What do you think?

What would you do with this chair?

I hope you have a great week 
Love, Laura

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  1. It is a beautiful design. I have seen some beautiful ones in bright colours with funky fabric on the seat. I think this way they make great feature pieces that take pride of place in a room!

  2. You're asking the wrong person. I see pieces painted, like the colors and the treatment, but when faced with a piece such as yours, the wear of the wood and it's history tugs at me and I am stumped. It would pop with a bright color and fantastic fabric, but what is wrong with me that makes me pause and stop at the charm of the wood and how it has aged? If you have any insights, I would appreciate it.

    1. I understand your predicament... I, too, have a hard time covering beautiful old wood with plain paint, no matter how bright and colorful. :(

  3. I'd paint it black and then rough the edges of the wood. Then, I'd recover it with black and cream damask print fabric.

  4. Paint it, Bright! with a fun bright fabric seat!!!

  5. Ha! How funny. This is exactly what I'm asking on my blog today!
    I, too, found a chair for $10 (on a sidewalk sale) and have been wondering how to refurbish it.
    While I was looking for inspiration on Pinterest I saw a lot of ideas that would work with your chair –mine is different, no cushion or carvings.
    Come see my ideas!

  6. Weird Amiga shared a similar post today.
    What a great chair! I don't know what I'd do, but painting that lovely wood might be difficult.

  7. How cool is that? I just found a similar chair (in white) on the side of the road in several pieces. I did a couple ad hoc repairs and am still trying to figure out where it will reside and how it will be used. It started out holding a plant on our patio. it was cute, but there was some run off with watering that looked gross on the white. Right now I have it on our front porch with a white washed basket where visitors can put there shoes. I like it. It is charming and functional but I don't know that my orphan chair has reached its full potential yet. i will be interested to see what you other posters say!

  8. I would paint it a raspberry or red with a zebra print on the seat.

  9. It is a gorgeous chair. Live with it unpainted until you know for sure that you would like it better painted. (I am not known for my wisdom, but it kind of sounded wise?)

  10. I love it! I would leave the way it is!

  11. I vote for painting a nice bright color with a pretty , retro fabric seat. Turquoise would look good.

  12. That's a tough one. I am a painter, and I always love how things turn out after I have painted them, even more than the wood. BUT I do believe like beadhen said, decide where you want it first then go for your vision. If you have fabric, that can be an inspiration point too. Hope this helps!

  13. love the chair,
    too beautiful to paint, but I would not be able to resist it ;
    nice bright colour and you could paint something like roses or hearts on the medaillon

  14. I would not paint it. Have you ever used Artisan waxes? I would use some German Silver to highlight here and there and then select a fun and fresh seat fabric to will give it a wow factor! That is what I would do...and I usually slap paint on most anything! By the way... just found your wonderful blog! Love it!

  15. Don't paint it! Just get rid of that hideous plaid.

  16. I've had these two thrift shop chairs for 8 years that I mean to re-purpose. I've had to hand sand them though because whatever lacquer was used on them was flaking off. I'm going to paint mine, but I don't know how to upholster the seats myself. Could you maybe point me in the direction of a good DIY article with lots of pretty pictures and well written instructions... please?

    Oh, I say paint it. It's more fun!

  17. Paint it!!! And, you can add a little distressing to let some of the natural beauty come back through.

    Holly Shaw

  18. I would use a milk paint in a grey-ish color, maybe a little distressing. Then add a monogram in black in the center space.
    Then I would use one of your favorite fabrics to finish it off!

  19. Love your chair. I would give the wood a good cleaning with Murphy's Oil Soap then a clear wax when dry. The patina of nice wood can't be duplicated with paint. I would pad the seat and hunt for the most beautiful fabric for a new cover.

  20. Just stumbled across your site. I've been trying to decide what to do with a smiliar chair I found in a thrift store a couple of months ago. Your chair is unique and has so much possiblity. I would leave the wood like it is except monogram the round wood piece on the back. A cool seat cover that pops with color would be nice and also some decorative trim added to the edge going around the bottom. Mabey something with tassels or little balls like you used to see on curtains. There's also several places you could hang a tassel or two to embelish the chair even more.