Monday, October 8, 2012

Vintage Tarnished Silverware

I love the look that old silverware gets once it ages and takes on a tarnish. 

I love the ornate patterns on antique and vintage flatware, reminders to a time in
 the past when details were important, and artwork on everyday objects was valued.

I love orphaned spoons and forks, who alone whisper, "Keep me..."  

Love the look of vintage silverware?

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Love, Laura

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  1. Very cool! I have a lot of my mom's old "un-matched" pieces. I'm going to get them out and use them. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I always check the silverware bins at the thrifts and have found such lovely pieces. I use a spooner to hold my mismatched teaspoons near the sugar bowl and the coffee maker. I find that I end up using the lovey finds rather than my matched set of stainless. Something about them makes my food taste special. The set of forks wrapped in ribbon was the set I grew up with as a child. One of my aunts worked at a silver plating company in Meriden, Connecticut. This quote is from Wikipedia- In the 1800s, Meriden earned the nickname "Silver City", due to the large number of cutlery and related products which were manufactured here by companies such as International Silver and Meriden Cutlery.

  3. Aside from the standard wind chimes I see of these, I've seen people make picture holders and napkin rings, and jewelry from old utensils. I love going through them at flea markets and thrifts shops. Their ornate handles are stunning!

  4. Wow! This is an AWESOME post! I pinned it! So many beautiful pieces...And you're so right about the ornate patterns on the vintage flatware. It's just so pretty.
    Stopping by from EBT

  5. So beautiful!!! Love ornates of the silver flatware.

  6. My entire flatware drawer consists of unmatched, beautiful, ornate silverware that at one point or another said "keep me" when I passed it. It's fun to look at and is much more substantial than the newer stainless steel stuff.


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