Friday, August 17, 2012

The Salvaged & Repurposed Piano

What can you do with an old piano that is damaged beyond repair?
Can you really repurpose an old broken piano, and turn it into
 something completely new? 
Of course you can!

Why would you even want to do that?
Because they can have sentimental value. 
Yes, even if damaged beyond repair by insects, age, or things like floods, 
that old piano can be hard to part with. 

Check it out...

Another version of a piano bar

Piano table by the Oak Barrel Co

Piano fountain - made from a piano that was damaged beyond repair by insects

What do you think?

I hope you have a great week 
Love, Laura

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  1. thanks for sharing.

  2. Once again, you've curated a highly unusual and interesting set.

  3. I love these collections, especially since I always think so far inside the box. Those wall mounted shelves are wonderful.

  4. Amazing what some people can think of :).

  5. Replies
    1. Innovative, yes! I don't think of them as sad though, better to be reused then to be torn apart at a dump!

  6. Wow love this, some great ideas, thanks. I have a beautiful old piano that I paid $50 for. I am surely going to use these idea to re-create it.

  7. Great ideas! I especially love the fountains and the bookcase.

  8. These are all utterly beautiful!
    I would seriously consider the bed headboard, or the shelf idea, or the garden pieces.
    I must know: where is this place where defunct pianos are laying around...? :)

  9. I'm thinking a piano sideboard would be nice..... (hmmmm!)AND I have the defunct piano!!!!!

  10. How hard is it to remove the guts of an upright? I have an old 1905 that came with the house...

  11. Wonderful, so this is what you do with all those free craig's list pianos!

  12. Your selection of ideas are mind blowing. I have plans PIANO DESK this summer. Can not Thanks You enough for your post.

  13. We have an unwanted, upright piano, would anyone be interested in taking it away? FOC but must collect. Thanks 😀


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