Thursday, December 1, 2022

This What Happens If You Roast Your Turkey Upside-down

It started off like any other Thursday...except it didn't, because this was Thanksgiving Thursday and I had been defrosting this nearly 22 pound beast of a gobbler on a broiler pan in my fridge since the previous Sunday. 

Nearly five days of hogging up the best shelf in the fridge and it was finally time to get it into the oven to roast! I double check the weight and then then double check the roasting chart (which said 4 to 4 1/2 hours at 325° F.)

I readied it's bed.

Sheets of foil precisely folded and pieced together atop a broiler pan (previously sprayed with non-stick cooking spray) 
and covered with a nest of diced fresh celery and onion - awaited.

There was a heave, and then a ho, as I hoisted the fowl with tremendous strength and then placed it with precision onto it's bed. 

Wait, wait! I need to salt the insides, then melt some butter to spread throughout! With my eyes constantly on the wall's timepiece I calculated carefully the hours and minutes to-and-fro the hearth. I mean oven. 

Alright, so wrapped up it went in for four and a half, and I opened the foil for the last hour or so to achieve the golden-brown hue.

Finally, the time had come. One last great heave-ho and out of the oven it went. 

It was beautiful. I let it rest for ten minutes while I began to greet my guests. 

Then I commenced the carve. 

The meat carved with a bit of difficulty. Perplexed, I continued. The meat was dark. I continued to cut. Where was the white meat? Now not only perplexed, but now also concerned, I stepped back from my endeavor. Where is the white meat where is the white meat why is this so difficult...I glanced once more at the carving guide (which I usually never bother with as I just take it from oven, rest, and then just carve) but... 

I look from the guide to the bird and from the bird to the guide and read as the guide says, "locate the drumstick and pull" and I look and look, a then a moment of pure confusion engulfs me as I stand there feeling lost and small, unable to find the drumsticks. Something just wasn't right. 

And then the realization struck me. 

In the hustle and rush of the morning I had mistakenly roasted my turkey upside down!  

(In case you missed it the first time - this turkey is upside-down)

I was supposed to roast it breast-side up, but in my rush to get it into the oven on time, I didn't bother to check its position and was just happy to have it roasting away while I prepared the rest of the dinner. 

Now my daughters and I stood there staring at the steaming bird and wondering, how were we going to flip it back over? It was burning hot and heavy. But with extra hands waiting, I just grabbed the bird and gave it a big turn onto its other side.

Glistening juicy turkey breast awaited. It sliced more perfectly than ever before, falling off of the bird with ease. 

A short while later at the dinner table my guests gushed over the turkey - it was perfect,  they said, the best they had ever had...juicy and tender and perfect!

It was perfect. They were right. And I came to realize that I hadn't made a mistake at all, but just accidentally came to learn the correct way to roast a turkey! I highly recommend you try it too!

Happy Holidays! 

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