Sunday, October 2, 2022

Boho Autumn Living Rooms: Jewel-Toned Fall Home Décor Inspiration

Welcome autumn! I hope you are all enjoying the break from summer's heat. I know I am. Today I wanted to share with you some cozy, Bohemian-inspired living rooms just in time for October. Just last week I picked up a gallon of apple cider and my favorite way to drink it is hot! If you've never had it warm you should try it, it's a nice alternative to coffee or tea on a damp, chilly day. So go get your favorite warm beverage and enjoy browsing these beautiful fall-inspired boho living rooms that I designed. I hope they ignite a creative spark for you. Enjoy!

I had to use this as my first example because the emerald green and dark teal make my heart sing. A soft velvet sectional sofa in a mossy to sage colored velvet is pure luxury. Add some tapestry-style throw pillows for surprise texture and color. A dark teal leather arm chair perfects the look. These few lush pieces mix perfectly with simple rustic elements of raw wood shelves and earthy, organic textiles. Love.

A terra-cotta colored sofa can be accessorized with different colored throw pillows that you can switch out for the season or your mood. The nature-themed wall art welcomes the season. 

Emerald, eggplant and taupe are amazing colors for autumn and winter style.

My palette: teal and rust! It's always a winner. 

I love a golden-hued wall. The color here is reminiscent of what I painted my living room and dining room in my very first house; a color called Gaslight by Martha Stewart. There's lots of artsy color here for sure, but the addition of the old, country style coffee table really brings it all together.  

Once again, jewel tones win for rich Boho style. Mix and match these deep, rich colors for an eclectic effect. 

Perfect for a small corner space: the addition of a variety of wall shelves.

Nothing goes better with rustic-style decor than autumn. Warm and vibrant earth tones and neutrals and raw wood textures coordinate perfectly with autumn's changing colors. Keep lots of cozy, soft throw blankets on hand!

If your boho style leans towards tropical, use the same jewel tones, but add an animal print throw blanket for exotic touch.

A large, ethnic rug in bright colors adds instant character. 

Bohemian jewel tones of blue and purple go great with gold tones.

Can't find any fancy colored pumpkins? Paint or decoupage your own like the one I made here.

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