Sunday, February 27, 2022

Watch As I Create A Contemporary Soft Soldered Ring


Hi friends! I threw an extra video into the mix this weekend! 

I love the way you can blacken silver with a black patina, and I love the easy simplicity of a simple wire ring, so I wanted to combine both of those things to create a quick and fun project.

...But...can I create this ring using only two drops of solder?! Watch and see...

As always, I think that a beginner could attempt this project but you should know the basics first and of course have all the tools and materials needed for the project (I always list all of those in the description below the video, by the way.)

As for the wire, I use copper for the video project and explain that you do not have to buy that from an expensive jewelry catalog but can purchase it at below jewelry-catalog prices by buying it at a hardware store. 

If you find that your hardware store does not have "raw" (uncoated) wire, you can still use plastic coated (insulated, like electricians use) by investing in an inexpensive wire stripper!

 ...Hmmm maybe I will make that my next video...

But in this video I demonstrate how to turn something as simple as wire and a few drops of soft solder into a very cool ring, just using a simple soldering iron! 

I hope you join me for this soft soldering video and that you find some inspiration watching, and while you're there don't forget to subscribe!

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