Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Make Upcycled Jewelry! A Peek At Select Projects From Boho Chic Jewelry


Upcycled jewelry is the best! 

What makes it even better? Using items that have personal or sentimental meaning to you.

In this new video I'm sharing a few select projects from my first jewelry making book, Boho Chic Jewelry, with a focus on upcycled flatware and tableware - you guessed it, knives, spoons, forks, and all that good stuff!

It's great seeing cool photos in books, but it's also fun to see them "live" on video, and I'll share a little bit about each piece and talk about upcycling too. 

Be sure to check out the video and as always, I will be back each Friday with a brand new video on YouTube for you, so be sure to check back--I have a really cool low temp soft soldered jewelry project coming up next and you don't want to miss that! 

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