Monday, November 1, 2021

New For November: New Broken China Jewelry

I have been busy in my workshop all week! Here are a few of the new pieces of broken china jewelry that I listed in my Etsy shop last night. 

I still have more to list and hope to get them up later this afternoon. Then it will be back to the workshop again to create even more new pieces! 

I love the yellow Art Deco china (pictured above.) It's such a vibrant, bold pattern and is truly a "grandmother's china" if I've ever seen one. I have limited pieces in this design so if you see something  you like, don't wait. 

Many of you have heard about the shipping delays which seem to have carried over from last year - it's true. Although some packages are delivered straight away without delay, many are taking longer than usual to arrive, so if you see something you like, especially for a gift or for the holidays, don't wait. Purchase and I usually ship within 24 hours, excluding weekend days when the post office is closed.

I've had to suspend my international shipping due to the very long delays - you can contact me through my  shop if you have any questions about this and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I might reinstate shipping to Canada for the holidays, or do it on a per-request basis. I'm still thinking that over.

In the meantime, Happy November! I hope you enjoy looking at these and be sure to check back later for more...

With kind regards as always,

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