Thursday, January 9, 2020

A Peek At A Custom Broken China Jewelry Order

I had a lot on my to-do list today...I have soldering to do for an entire new batch of jewelry, and I'm getting ready to shoot a new thrift shop haul video this morning for my YouTube channel...and then of course preparing for that got me in the mood to run to the thrift store hehe...

But before I do that, I realized I had to delete some old photos and videos from my phone to make some room for my new know, lots of photos from Christmas and New Years that I had to quickly organize just to get out of the way, and while I was doing that I came across a few photos of a custom order I did right before the holiday, and I knew I had to share the photos with you before I filed them away! 

So you can see what kind of morning it's been - lots of small tasks to take care of here and there that keep leading me from one thing to the next! But who doesn't love looking at before and after photos, right?! So here they are, before I file them away! 

This was a custom order for a person who found this single shard of china buried in the ground at the old farmhouse where they live (I think I got that right - I don't remember the exact details!) Anyway, she had this one small piece that was about four and a half inches long or so by about two inches deep and she sent me the top "before" image which you'll see below. 

As soon as I saw the photo of the shard I knew right away that it would make a beautiful piece of jewelry! It was a very pretty soft pink color and had a beautiful textured dot pattern and as soon as I saw it I knew just what shape to transform it into! It was very thin porcelain so it was easy to work with, though the reverse side was badly stained with rusty iron stains from being in the earth for a very long time. I managed to scrub out the stains and the two pendants that later emerged from this single shard turned out to be one of the nicest custom orders I've done. 



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