Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Best Halloween Cupcake Ideas & Inspiration

 Castellon's Kitchen's Jack 'O Lantern cupcakes

Looking for some spooky Halloween party snacks & desserts that will impress and creep out your friends at the same time? I've collected the very best Halloween cupcake ideas - both cute and creepy - to help jumpstart your Halloween baking fun!

Check out these cool & creepy Halloween cupcake ideas and
be inspired!

Crescent moon Stroopwafel cupcakes from Sugar Alchemist

Black Cat cupcakes from The Cake Blog

I love the old-fashioned classic look of these Night Sky Halloween Cupcakes from Wilton

Witch cupcakes by Kristy from Candy Chic via Little Big Co
Living Dead Skeleton cupcakes from Know How She Does It

Spider web cupcakes from Cookie Named Desire

Cute pink ghost cupcakes from The Sugar Alchemist

Candy corn cupcakes instructions: You will need: chocolate cupcakes and prepared cake frosting in white, orange, and yellow. Carefully slice the top center area off of each cupcake and set aside and then carve out a cone shaped cavity in the center of the cupcake. Fill the cupcakes with a dollop each of frosting in this order: first white, then orange, and last yellow. Replace the top slice of the cupcake. Decorate as desired. 

Jack 'O Lantern cupcakes from Castellon's Kitchen

Spicy Little Devils Food Cupcakes from Crumbly Kitchen

Broken Sugar Glass cupcakes from Story of a Kitchen

Halloween Ghost Cupcakes from Penny's Food Blog

Tombstone cupcakes and skeleton cupcake (below) by Your Cup Of Cake

Use white chocolate coated mini pretzels to create the cute skeleton. Add a marshmallow head.

Black Velvet Rose cupcakes from Diary of a Mad Haus Frau are perfectly Goth (above and below)

Spooky Autumn Tree cupcakes from Family Holiday

Spider cupcakes made with Oreo cookies from Texaerin

Jack Skellington cupcakes from Family Disney

Brainy cupcakes from Anna's eats Idea: Use green instead of pink icing to create zombie brains!

Black cat cupcakes from September's Cakes

Vampire cupcakes from Dream Little Bigger

What do you think?
Which is your favorite?

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