Monday, June 17, 2019

The Upcycled Garden: Pink For Your Boho Cottage Garden

Amazingly beautiful pink hanging glass flower jars from Roses and Patina

Ahh sweet summer is finally here (well almost—it will be on Friday) and what better time to talk more about the sweet summer garden than on the edge of summer. 

There's an inter-twining of themes when we talk about vintage and upcycled and even the style of Bohemian (or Eclectic) or Cottage because they all have a few common elements. You guessed it, Vintage is the common element throughout. Whether we discuss it in terms of chippy paint, weathered, worn, salvaged, or with a touch of creativity and clever thinking—repurposed and even upcycled—it's still vintage. Or antique, depending on the age. 

There's something about a natural, organic patina that has this certain special magic (if you know what I'm talking about leave a comment below!) that can only be achieved with the passage of time. Timeworn. It even has its own word. 

Add a blush of sweet pink into the garden greenery and the cottage style begins to take the lead. 

Pink birdhouse with rusty metal roof and doorknob accent

Pink dresser with drawers full of blooms from HGTV

Painted metal garden chair from Rubens Rabatter

Planter from DIY Show Off

Pink painted chair by Reese on Pinterest

Foot locker planter from Sweet Magnolia Farm

Perfect tea party setup complete with old sewing machine treadle turned table

Pink Dream catcher from Ali Express

A vintage watering can can add the perfect touch of color to your garden
(above and below)

An old ladder painted pink and used as an outdoors plant stand adds an unexpected pop of color

Bundt cake pan + spray paint + metal stand = flower birdbath

Garden art flowers made from old recycled plates, glassware, votives, and rebar (above and below)

Pink and white picket fence bench via pinterest

Pink bicycle, spray painted top to bottom, via Pinterest

Pink wheelbarrow, again, it's amazing what a can of spray paint can do!

Pink garden door

Amazingly beautiful pink hanging glass flower jars from Roses and Patina

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