Friday, May 31, 2019

The Upcycled Garden: Repurposed Old Fashioned Garden Trellis

Okay so this is kind of like a backwards Upcycled Garden blog post! I usually write about how we can reuse old, recycled items by incorporating them into our gardens and outdoor landscapes, but here's a new twist - let's bring the old garden into the interior of the home and use it as unique home decor.

This old wooden garden trellis fits well in this small bathroom space, but imagine it as well in another part of the home. 

How about on a kitchen wall showcasing a display of vintage family photos along with a framed copy of grandma's favorite recipe or two? 

It also would add interesting texture in a living room and be a great accent on a narrow (think door-width) wall. 

If you don't like to decorate with photos and frames, think of all the other interesting ways that you could decorate your trellis—you could use flowers, reeds, branches (think a few sprigs of pine), or other natural materials—to bring even more of the outdoors into the inside of your home, or just leave it completely bare for a simple look.

No matter how you decide to use it and decorate it, if vintage style is your style, an old garden trellis can make a unique statement and be a pleasant surprise when used as a decoration inside of your home!

What do you think?

How would you use it inside of your home?

Have a great week!

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