Saturday, October 6, 2018

Amazing Things Made With Old Upcycled Propane Tanks

Propane tank totem pole via

What do you do with an old propane tank? Check out how some creative people used their ingenuity and not only created something clever and new, but also prevented another old metal empty propane tank from going into a landfill. 

Propane tank planters

Recycled propane or oxygen tank garden gong via

Image via

Image via

Upcycled propane tank hinged lid grill

Another great example of a propane tank totem pole

Propane tank pendant lights Fugitive Glue

Bomba stool made from propane tank by Fugitive Glue

Propane tank star fire pit

Homemade propane or oxygen tank zen garden bell via 

Upcycled propane tank snowman. Happy Holidays!

Propane tank toilets! 

Propane pigs

Propane tank pigs

Interested in recreating one of these projects? My advice would be to definitely do your research and talk to an expert before attempting any of these ideas. Propane tanks can be very dangerous and if they are not empty could explode and cause injury, so do that research and get information from a pro!  

What do you think? 

Which is your favorite? 

Have a great week!

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  1. I really love the Jack-o-lanterns! Like the ones that look like someone from Nightmare Before Christmas.


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