Friday, June 1, 2018

You've Got To See This! Interesting Ideas For Upcycled Eyeglasses

Now look here, this is important. 
You need to focus
Do you see what I mean?
I want to make sure you get my point of view

That's a joke son you're supposed to laugh.

All kidding aside, what do you do with your old eyeglasses? Do you throw them away? Or maybe stash them in the back of a drawer? 

I recently read an article somewhere that said that one of the things that thrift stores do not know what to do with are old prescription eyeglasses. I also know that some civic organizations collect them for charity. I don't know what they do with them or how they use them, but if it can benefit a good cause then I would say that's probably a good place to send them. 

Or you could upcycle them into something new. Upcycled eyeglasses? Why not? Check out these unique ideas for upcycling old eyeglasses and maybe you will see old eyeglasses in a new light...

Chandelier made from old eyeglass lenses

Business card holder made from vintage glasses

Spectacle necklace from Anthrolopogie. Retail price:$498...yup.

Sunglass lamp

Art sculpture made with eyeglass lenses via Pinterest

1950's cat eye glasses necklace

Sunglasses turned into a lamp

Eyeglass lens necklace pendant from ZanneAvenue via Etsy 

Turn old eyeglasses into collage art

Cool dragonfly: recycled eyeglass lens insect

Vintage glasses with images by Musings of a Sea Witch

Sunglass table lamp

Vintage eyeglasses necklace with book pages by RefinedrubbishLLC Etsy

What do you do with your old glasses?

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