Friday, June 22, 2018

Dreamy Boho Garden Spaces III

Dreamy. image via nature

There is nothing more beautiful than nature itself, which is perfectly expressed amid Bohemian decor full of the colors and textures of nature, but with a dreamy, ethereal vibe that only Boho style allows. 

Take a peek and be inspired by these amazing and beautiful Boho garden spaces and maybe you will add a touch of this relaxed, colorful style to your own home and garden decor. 

Colorful hanging lanterns add beautiful bursts of bright color

Cow skulls& succulents image cowgirl magazine

Pitch an amazing tie dye tent

Upcycle an old tin lunch box or biscuit box and use as a charming planter

A vintage dining set below a sunlit arbor of grapevine leaves

Boho moon bird feeder

Add cushions to tree stumps

Create a Celtic knot or mandala with stones

Cozy cushions and pillows for lounging and reading or meditating

Water lily in concrete stone trough via Pinterest

Grapevine wreaths with succulents as dreamcathers

Amazing boho garden spaces

Create your own Boho mobile windchime with branches or driftwood. Attach stones, shells, and beads with bits of old chain or cord.

Moss covered Buddha. Encourage moss growth with buttermilk. 

Which is your favorite? 

Have a great week!

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