Thursday, September 28, 2017

All Hail The Pumpkin! Amazing Fall Pumpkin Displays

I see them. They're everywhere. In people's yards. On the side of the road. In fields. On display outside of every single grocery store I pass. It used to be just orange colored ones. Now there's white, yellow, blue, green - pumpkins everywhere. Big ones (I like those), small ones (I like those too!), tall ones, squat ones, you get the picture. Pumpkins are everywhere. Well, at least they are where I live - in Pennsylvania. Pumpkin territory.  

For the past few years I wrote blog posts about the creative ways that different folks display and gussy-up their pumpkins. They paint them, decoupage them, glitter and sequin them, stack them, transform them into spiders and cats and giant eyeballs. All of those are cool. They're creative and unique. But sometimes I like my pumpkins just - pumpkins. 

Below I've collected some of the most beautiful au naturale pumpkin displays put together by some creative, like-minded folks. Which style do you prefer? 

Amazing porch step display from The Graceful Gardener

A short ladder makes a great outdoor display. From SuesGarden Journal via Pinterest

Beautiful fall pumpkin mantle display discovered here via Pinterest

Galvanized tub with a variety of pumpkins found here via Pinterest 

Another amazing pumpkin display from The Graceful Gardener

Cute pumpkin display with gourds from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs

Which do you like best?

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Which do you like best?

Have a great week!

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