Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Painting Through A Blizzard And Learning As I Go

Thank goodness we didn't get the 26 or 27 inches of snow they were calling for Monday night into Tuesday (we got a managable 12 to 13 inches instead) but we still settled in to wait out the storm. I filled the birdfeeder and hung the suet and then made a big pot of white chicken chili (I used this recipe and it's now a family favorite) along with some honey cornbread.  The birdfeeders and suet brought out every bird in the neighborhood and it was neat to see a few woodpeckers (check out this video on my Instagram that I took of a Downy Woodpecker) and all sorts of other birds. 

Sam keeping me company as I do a sketch for another watercolor painting. 

I drew out a rough sketch to use as a guide.

I kept it pretty simple and only used three colors, this was the first layer.

The next day I added some details and her hair.


I probably could have added more paint or more details but I'm trying to avoid over-painting.

I'm pretty happy with the results. I've never had any kind of formal art training so I am just kind of teaching myself and am learning as I go. 

At this point I would rather just observe and figure it out myself instead of being told I am doing something wrong or right, or be shown the way someone else says I should do something. I think it allows my art to be free and without limits or rules because I don't have to worry about any of those things I can just purely express. :)

I hope you have a great week! 
Love, Laura

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  1. Self-taught = Trial and Error...I love the process {and the blue hair!} It wouldn't be any fun if we knew exactly what color we needed or which lines needed to be drawn. Have fun with it, and show us how it comes out for you. Include the parts you didn't like, too, because those would be fun to see. Enjoy!

    1. Trial and error is exactly right. That's how I taught myself to make jewelry too. I think you learn so much more when you make mistakes and learn from them, rather than learning to avoid those mistakes. Because then you never really learn firsthand why those mistakes don't work!

  2. That's pretty amazing to me. You are very talented.

  3. This looks great, the limited color palette really works


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