Saturday, January 7, 2017

My Visit To the Philadelphia Museum of Art - Part 3

In my last two blog posts I shared some photos of my trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and showed you the outside of the museum and some antique historical china plates and other goodies. Here are a few more photos of some things that I thought were very special... 

I'm forever amazed at art, fine craftsmanship, antiquities and historical items. The spoons below are from around 1680-1710. And you thought your mom's spoons from the 70's were old!

There was a small collection of fine silver jewelry and other small objects in the American Art section (one of my favorite areas of the museum!) I thought this Boatswain's Whistle was particularly cool.

I couldn't not include a photo or two of the fabulous miniature painted eye jewelry...these are romantic tiny portraits of lovers eyes...sigh...

I didn't take many photos of the paintings in the museum. With lots of folks milling around the masters like the Van Goghs, Rembrants, Monets and Matisses, I reserved my photos for things that struck me as unusual...(I have to add though that I almost died when the 8 or 9 year old girl with her dad in front me at Sunflowers asked her dad if she could touch it!! Gah!! Seriously?! Thank goodness he said NO and thank goodness it was behind glass!)

Then I came across these guys...things that make you go...hmmm...

Hi I'm a lion. Hi I'm a leopard.

I also have a thing for really old woodwork, and doors. Reeeeeely old 1518 old....


After visiting the European Art we took a break and had a great lunch in the cafeteria (there is a restaurant too, if you want to spend $$$, or the cafeteria if you want to spend $$.) After lunch we checked out the museum gift shop (pricey at $$$) and then made our way upstairs...

Another of my very very favorite sections of the museum is the armor. Wow just wow. This mail shirt was HUGE! And of course it was from Transylvania! Gah!

My daughter's face when she discovered the armor for toddlers...what?! whoa!

I hope you enjoyed this very small peek into the enormous Philadelphia Museum of Art! This is a museum that you need to spend more than one day at. There is just so much to see and do. I hope to go back again one day soon and spend more time in the Asian Art section, which we only got a glimpse of before we left. We had strolled about three miles through the museum and had our fill after a full day of looking at the amazing art. I hope one day you can see it too. 

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Have a great week!


  1. I thought that I was the only one with a door obsession! Just love them - all the wood, carving detail, decorative glass or metal detail - even the iron hinges. In a tour of the UK, when other people were stepping back to take pictures of castles and cathedrals, I was focusing in close on the doors. :)

    1. There is something about a door that is more than just a utilitarian object or piece of architecture. They can be personal. They are used to welcome, or to shut out. They are means of protection. And each door in the world is its own portal to a new and different space. I think that sometimes we decorate doors to show how special or unique our spaces are. Doors are awesome! :)

  2. Well, I did, Laura, I really enjoyed all three parts. Seeing a plate owned by Martha Washington makes her come alive, doesn't it? And it was interesting that in the decorative chained-together colony names, it looks like one says Jersey without the New. The majolica plate is stupendous in its bright, intricate design. The doors...unfathomable! I think the painting of the unlikely looking wild human-faced animals with the Saint may have been meant to look like a patron. I say this because artists and architects in Paris in the same era did this on church doors, panels, murals and even gargoyles. They were meant to represent living people. It was a statement of some sort and burnished the egos of important people. Loved this, Laura, thanks. Oh, and that bronze of Washington and the still my heart! ~Ginene

  3. Wow, I just posted a long, detailed love letter about all of these marvelous objects and it was lost by Blogger because I wasn't signed into Google! ACHHHHHH