Tuesday, September 20, 2016

How To Cut A China Plate With A Manual Glass Cutter - Video!

Hi Friends! I'm excited to say that I finally added a new video to my YouTube channel (if you're not a subscriber, be sure to click here to subscribe and be notified whenever I create a new video tutorial) ~ it was kind of an impromptu filming, I thought I'd show those who are interested how to cut a china pottery plate with a manual glass cutter. (click here to watch!)

This is a great method to learn if you want to cut your own pieces for broken china jewelry or to cut china mosaic tiles. 

I think this video turned out really well because...
 #1, you can really hear the tearing sound when I cut the plate (that is a sound that you want to hear because it lets you know that the cutter is correctly scoring the plate) 


 #2, it is a great example of what its like to cut a ceramic pottery plate because unlike porcelain or bone china, pottery is a lot more crumbly - as you will see in the video! 

Next I will have to make a video showing what it's like to cut a porcelain plate because the materials are very much different. 

I think it's really important to learn how to use traditional hand tools. Maybe you want to cut your own plates up for scrap but don't have an electric glass saw - this is a great way to get started. This is how I learned - by teaching myself - way back when I started years ago. 

Now, please keep in mind you won't get precision shapes with this method, but knowing how to cut plates by hand can save lots of wear and tear on your saw blades. I hope you enjoy the video. 

Have a great week!