Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A Meditative Sketch: Find Your Magic

I shared this freehand sketch on my Instagram a week or two ago and liked it so much that I thought I would share it with you here on my blog. It's a simple drawing that I drew while sitting outside on my back patio next to my fish pond (aka my outdoor office!), right as dusk was approaching and the sun was beginning to set.

It started as sort of a mandala drawing. I began with a simple circle and then added the leaves and from there it bloomed into what you see above. I could have gone on and added lots of layers and embellished the heck out of it, but instead I left it as is, pleased with its simplicity. I'm a big fan of Art Nouveau and Craftsman motifs and sometimes I see faint impressions and inspirations of those designs come alive in my own artwork and doodles. 

I snapped the photo above with my iPhone and then added a bit of digital text art (the "Find your magic") with an iPhone app as an overlay on the photo of the drawing - but not on the original drawing. 

I think I chose the words Find Your Magic because sometimes it's in doing simple, relaxing things that you come into your personal magic. Just like when I made this drawing. When do you come into your personal magic? 

I hope you have a creative weekend! 

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article and images ©Laura Beth Love 2016


  1. nice drawing and nice post, thanks for nudging your readers to be creative.

  2. Wonderful design. My mother doodled while she was on the phone, but I never did. I actually have to put my mind to it. I come up with small patterns and designs at times, but nothing as elaborate and intentional as yours. It's a wonderful memory I have of my mother. And, your design is lovely.

    1. Thanks :) I've never been much of a phone doodler either. I think because I get very focused on the conversation, Lol. And you're right, when I sit down to draw I do put my mind to it - it's kind of with the intention of, "okay, what do I feel right now?"

  3. With mindfulness, you can find your magic and infuse it into whatever it is that you're doing, whether that is drawing, playing music, or hanging wet laundry. Lovely mandala. :)


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