Sunday, June 12, 2016

Just Passing Through

I had a small surprise yesterday as I sat outside writing. I saw something moving towards me out of the corner of my eye - it was coming close, just a few feet away -  and right as it poked its head out from beneath the patio chair that was next to mine, I looked down and saw that it was a baby raccoon that had strolled onto my patio to say hello. He looked at me and he looked lost and thirsty, but before I could do anything and of course by the time I grabbed my phone to take a photo of him he was already on his way through my backyard to the neighbors, who soon saw him and made a big noisy fuss that included a white plastic laundry basket. I'm guessing they dropped him off at the wildlife sanctuary down the road. He didn't look sick, just lost and hungry, and I'm hoping they did right by him.

I hope you have a great week 
Love, Laura

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  1. they are so cute, a little destructive, but cute.

  2. You might have been lucky.Let's hope that critter wasn't out and about around people because it had rabies. Raccoons are mostly hidden in the shrubbery and undergrowth around here, unless they find an unguarded bird feeder.
    On the other hand, don't you know that coon's mom is going to be frantic when he doesn't show up for feeding time/lunch. Game wardens say not to mess with the young of any wild animal. Their mothers do go out for lunch sometimes, and the babies don't always stay where they are placed by mom. We get a lot of bambi kidnappings in the mountains.

    1. No signs of rabies on this guy, I live right down the road from a wildlife sanctuary so we often get stragglers! Mom may have been gone/missing at this point.

  3. Laura,
    The mother of that raccoon was around somewhere unless she was killed. Sadly, Laura, your neighbor did the wrong thing. Most wildlife sanctuaries kill baby raccoons. At least, I know that they do here in northern Illinois. People drop them off thinking they are going to be cared for but they aren't. It is expensive and very time consuming to raise a baby raccoon and then what do they do with all of them? A half-tame raccoon is going to be pretty bold. It is sad...

  4. The parent was most likely hit by a car, and this guy was lost. Ours is a no-kill sanctuary, thankfully they care for them there :)

  5. I love seeing raccoons. They're so cute and elusive (here, anyway, I live near downtown).

  6. Great thing I went through the comments, missed out on a bit of the story there. Glad you have such a shelter instead of the ones that kill. Must be troublesome to bring them back frequently but at least you get to see such cuties.


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