Wednesday, December 30, 2015

My Style Forecast for 2016: Part Two: More Elephants

AAhh! These elephants are SO cool! I got so excited when I found these jewelry components, and I can't wait to make some new jewelry with them. They would look great on a brass chain, black cord, or even on some lengths of different colored silk ribbon...hmmm...already the wheels are turning. And I think they definitely would look fabulous with some stone beads. I can't wait to get started on them, but I have so much else I have to do! It seems there is never enough time to sit and actually fabricate many of the ideas that are in my head. That's why its so important to keep a notebook or jewelry artist's sketchbook as a place where you can jot down ideas and make quick sketches of designs when they pop into your head. More on that in another post, let's get back to those elephants. 

They're everywhere! Yes, they've been hot early into and throughout 2015, but they are still going strong and I am confident you will be seeing lots more brightly colored & patterned tribal elephants all through 2016.

Be prepared to see more elephants in home decor, clothing, and crafts -and of course, jewelry. I think I'll turn my elephant necklace into a DIY tutorial to share on my blog with all of you...stay tuned! 

Have a great New Year!