Monday, August 17, 2015

Inside Of My Studio: Soldering Jewelry Outside (...and my hydrangeas)

Okay so the the title might be a little misleading...I suppose it should instead read, 
Outside Of My Studio...

I love summer and I've got to say I'm kind of sad to see it come to a close, so I am sucking up
any tiny last opportunity to do things outside in the sunshine before the cooler months roll 
around. With my garden's last bouquet of hydrangeas on my backyard table (and check 
these out, I'm so proud of my three hydrangea bushes - one pink, one blue, and one 
purple!) I set up shop in the beautiful outdoors to solder up some pretty new pieces of
broken china jewelry. Soon I'll be flying out to Colorado to shoot two brand new jewelry 
instruction videos, and I can already feel a few work deadlines fast approaching, so I'm 
trying to stay mindful and move from task to task to get finished with what work needs
to get finished, while still finding time to do what I enjoy most, to just sit and create.

 I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer too. :)  -laura

Soldering a piece of broken china jewelry outdoors. I love this vintage grapevine china.

Working on a china heart pendant outside.

The last of my summer sad to see them go.

The wooden rim of my workboard keeps my projects from landing up in my lap. Hey,
that's one of my favorite skirts!

The colors are so pretty that they almost seem unreal! 

I planted these three bushes one, two, and three years ago. 

Early morning. 

Beautiful pink hydrangeas

What do you think?