Tuesday, July 28, 2015

How To Stop Critters From Digging In Your Flower Pots

A few days ago I planted a new flower in a flower pot on my porch and the following 
morning I woke up to this mess! Gah! Something was digging in my pot! Whatever 
it was (and it was probably a squirrel or chipmunk) didn't damage the plant at all, but
dug out all the soil around the plant, making a big mess.  

I didn't want to be cleaning this mess up again each morning, so I thought about
what I could put on the soil to deter the infringing offender. Why not broken 
china pieces from my scrap boxes? When I make jewelry from broken china plates,
I save all of the leftover scraps and store them in plastic shoe box-like bins. I usually
use the leftover scrap pieces for mosaics, but some shards are too thick or curved even
to be used in mosaics, so they land up going back into the bins again...

I cleaned up the potting soil mess and then placed random china shards 
on top of the soil, surrounding the plant. Not only was my plant undisturbed
the following morning (and each morning since), but I love the way the china
shards looked in the flowerpot.  

The china shards add an extra splash of color and texture the flowerpot.

Have a great week!

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