Friday, November 7, 2014

Look! Mom's Dishes! ...Connections To Our Past

Sometimes I think I have the best job in the world, getting to work with beautiful 
china pieces day in and day out...sometimes it actually feels more like a privilege 
than an actual profession. After all, each of these plates and cups and saucers 
and other dinnerware pieces all have history behind them. They come from 
many different countries, from all around the world, and their beautiful 
patterns and colors give them a unique appeal that brings them to life 
unlike other ordinary household objects. 

We remember dishes. 
They're a part of our family in some ways, a part of each of our own personal histories. 
Have you not once in your life been somewhere, maybe an antique market or 
thrift shop, and come across an orphaned plate or cup that you instantly 
recognized from somewhere in your own past? 

At that moment of recognition, it isn't just "a plate" or "a cup," but mom's plate, 
or grandmother's cup. There is a connection. Often when that connection is 
made we find ourselves flooded with memories of family from long ago, 
or of our childhood, or of holidays and times past. If you're the 
sentimental type like I amit can be a comforting experience. 

I've been working with dishes for so long now that I know the patterns by name.
No, I don't talk to them, but in a way, they speak to me. I see them as
valuable, not monetarily valuable, but valuable in a way that fills your
soul with warmth and peace just as memories of loved ones do.
This was, after all, someone's grandmother's plate. 
Someone just like you. 

I hope you have a great week 
Love, Laura

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  1. You'd inspired me so much with your lovely creations I just had to take a course. One of the ladies, also in the class, had missed the first portion due to some clerical error, and was doing a catch up. We all tried to help her get to where we were. All of a sudden she sat down and began to weep. When the smoke cleared, we discovered the piece of china one of us had chosen for her was her mom's, who had passed away just weeks before. Of coarse being women, we all helped her cry. So I can imagine the feeling you have channelled. Thank you for making beautiful things with someone's memories.

  2. I rarely leave comments, but I need to tell you this. I love your blog and I love your work. Your precious heart speaks so loudly through your work. You always inspire me. You always make the world seem just a little bit better. When I need to see beauty, I come here. When the world is so full of negativity and I just want to hide for a bit, I come here. To see the beauty you have created and hear those lovely, lovely words that make me know the world indeed is a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing. God bless you for the beauty you give.


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