Sunday, October 28, 2012

Polyvore: Creative Inspiration

What do I do when I'm not making jewelry?
I make other jewelry. 

But when I really feel the need to take a break, I sometimes head on over
to, where you can design and put together clothing and 
accessories to create outfits.  ...I know, I'm like a ten year old. :)

Polyvore is a great way to practice using color, texture, pattern, coordinating - 

all the things that I do when I am designing a piece of jewelry, or what you're 
doing when your making any kind or art or doing any kind of craft. Sometimes 
when I'm playing around on Polyvore I get inspired to create a new jewelry 
design. Sometimes a certain color will catch my eye and put me in the mood 
to work with that same color gemstone or bead. Not only is Polyvore
 relaxing, but it also can be a great source of creative inspiration! 

Below are a few outfits that I put together in my own style. If you haven't 
checked out Polyvore yet, you should give it a try, it's fun!  

Deep Purple Casual Boho 2012

Denim & Cream II 2012

Peace & Love in Black and White 2012

Plum Perfect 2012

Plum Perfect 2012 by laurabethlove featuring tear drop earrings

What do you think?

I hope you have a great week 
Love, Laura

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