Sunday, September 16, 2012

Acorn Crafts & Home Decor

I love acorns!

Cute yet mighty, these small treasures of nature are great for autumn crafts and home decor. 
Check out this collection of acorn adornments and you'll see what I mean!

Felted acorns from imakestuff

Tiny acorns by Patchwork Pottery


  1. I'll be out today collecting acorns - thanks for all the great ideas !

  2. Oh my I had no idea there were so many uses for acorns! These are really cool! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Me neither, until I started researching for this blog post, LOL. Thanks for stopping in!

  3. Love this post! So many seasonal, creative ideas!

  4. when we use supplies from nature, our art is made even more beautiful.

    what is such fun is to see the different types of acorns from different oaks.

    I think squirrels are so handsome in their gray suits with white fronts and their magnificent tails. no matter how piggy they can be, I can't deny them seed.

  5. I, too, love acorns! :)
    Oh, and that reading nook with birdhouse, acorn, and giant pillow is perfect!

  6. i have never seen anything ... so lovely!!!! such a passion for acorn..... thank you for sharing with us!

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