Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dreamy Bohemian Bedrooms: How To Get The Look

What better place to drift off to sleep than in a
 dreamy, Bohemian bedroom?

Take a look at these ethereal bedroom spaces 

and I think you'll agree that: 

Everyone needs a stress free zone!

These boho bunks are so cosy. Here, the stained glass windows, exotic rug, candles and books tie the Boho look together.

This is Bohemian gypsy to the extreme. The ornate linens, lace, fringe, wrought iron bed and vintage wallpaper all combine together to create this ultra feminine look.

A warm, golden glow is always inviting, as are the lush linens in rich, vibrant hues.

I love the unexpected combination of raspberry with shades of green. The use of color is often a main element of a Bohemian style interior.

Golden gypsy caravan interior. Here, the use of neutral colors and natural materials (the carved wood and ivory linens) along with the candlelight, tie together the look. 

I feel relaxed and lighter just looking at this! Although this room is nearly void of color, the Bohemian elements are still strong: the lace and croched materials, fringe, natural light, and beaded pendant lamp create the look. 

via free people

Lush velvet bedding and oriental rugs along with mismatched vintage furniture create the look.

Exotic rugs used not only on the floor but on the wall, along with the houseplants, create texture and add interest. 

Another example of mismatched vintage linens in all their faded glory. Note the large urn of peacock feathers on the right. 

Love the mossy green velvet.

Here, shades of teal give this room an almost royal feel. The pillows and the cat perfect the look!

Gypsy caravan interior via Elle Decor. The ornate woodwork with painted panels are to me, reminiscent of an antique carousel.

What a cozy place to read! The gallery walls of vintage images and shelves of books, along with the vintage wallpaper and assorted embroidered pillows, are perfect. 

Like the look? 
Here's how to get it. 
Try adding these elements to your decor:
Color, Pattern, and Interest

Don't be afraid of color! Try adding jewel tones of dark raspberry, green, and purple

Add a sheer curtain stitched from old linens, scarves, or lace

Use a variety of colorful pillows, like these embroidered ones

Use real or faux stained glass to add color, pattern and interest

Add a beaded curtain. You can make one yourself with some thin wire and inexpensive beads from the craft store.

Create a cozy glow with unusual, warm lighting

Add bright bedding. Luxurious materials like silk and velvet can be added in small ways, such as by adding pillows.

Craft a beaded lamp. DIY from Cathiefilian

Add bejeweled accents, like these crystal necklaces used as curtain tiebacks 

What do you think?

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