Friday, July 13, 2012

Belt It Out! Upcycled & Repurposed Belts

I love the look of a worn, natural colored leather belt. They have that rustic Bohemian feel, and they look great with jeans or dresses. Check out how some creative folks fashioned some awesome jewelry and accessories, as well as home decor - from old belts. I think you'll be impressed!  

Thrift stores are great places to find old leather belts!

Create a belt floor mat 

Belts as drawer pulls

Create some belt wall art

Craft a frame from an old belt

Summer Colors Women's Leather Wristbands Cuffs Bracelets OOAK

Upcycled belt bag from Opening Ceremony

Napkin rings made from upcycled belts by Greenbelts via Etsy

Recycled belt flooring from Ting

Belts as curtain tie backs from HGTV

Leather dog collars from belts DIY from Hometalk

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  1. i think i love it! :) i made a saddle bag for my bike a while bag with a belt and old purse and it got my wheels turning (no pun intended) to make something else with them...i've started collecting since.
    plus, the "earl" chair! can't help but love that :)

  2. I have used belts for so many things--love these. Thanks for featuring my star.

  3. This is a fantastic post!! Guess what?! I love re-purposing belts, too! Just yesterday, I wrote a little tutorial about how to "re-upholster" a chair with belts! I'm going to re-edit my post and add a link to your post, if that is okay with you! Check out my "belt post", if you have a minute! Being that I'm still brand new to blogging, I'd LOVE feedback!

  4. I love the UnChair and all the belt mats! I am also madly in love with the couch that uses the belts for the webbing. Makes me inspired to start collecting belts and repurposing them. So refreshing to see someone using them for something other than just purse straps.

    1. I LOVE the couch too! I think it's my favorite of the bunch.

  5. Fantabulous!! Love the mats especially. Thanks for compiling such a huge collection of items.

    Linda @ Physaria Designs

  6. I am officially kicking myself! I had a belt that I loved and I threw it away because it broke! Me and my stupid temper! It would have made some very nice bracelets, but I couldn't see that through my irritation. Hopefully I will remember this post the next time I have a problem like that.

  7. This has inspired day 3 of my upcycling challenge!thanks


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