Monday, April 9, 2012

Of Corset's Tight! Vintage to Contemporary Corsets

Corset from 1750 (above and below)

One woman who doesn't have to worry about horizontal stripes making her look fat!

Vintage corset ad


Vintage illustration showing some of the physical repercussions of corsets

16th century steel corset cover

French iron corset cover 1580-1600 resides at Koyoto Costume Institute Japan

corset tattoo

Upcycled corset planter

Corset planter

"Tramp Lamps" via Etsy

Vintage corset ad reads, "fits baby too" - yikes!

Read more about the history of corsets

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  1. WOW! Just wow! I can't even imagine wearing one of those things! I love the images at the end, especially the corset chair and the "tramp lamps!"

  2. Looks like an instrument of torture! I just can't imagine.

    Stopping by from Etsy Blog Team

  3. those look painful!they are very artful and beautiful as art ONLY now! i love the artistry of the corset tatto too. i'm not into tats myself, but i can appreciate the creativity of them. also,the corset tattoo will ALWAYS fit! lol!

  4. amazing what they did to themselves isn't it?

    sure glad I live now.

    barbara jean

  5. i would do this too a certain extent

  6. Hi, could you tell me which museum the aerialist corset is in or the source of the photo? Thanks!

    1. Click the link below the image to go to the original source