Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tie One On! Upcycled and Repurposed Neckties

As all clothes do, neckties go in and out of style over time, so they are often donated to goodwill shops or given away to friends or family who might find a use for them. Other times, we may find ourselves the inheritor of ties when a loved one passes on. 

What do you do with those ties? Why not upcycle them into something brand new or create a unique memory craft in honor of a loved one? Check out this collection of ties that have been upcycled into unique, new items. 

Obi style belt made from recycled men's ties by Senseless Art

Woven recycled ties chair by Peter Raphael Russo

Lampshade made from recycled neckties by Nancy Gamon
You can visit Nancy's Etsy shop here

Fabulous woven tie memory quilt by Rayela Art

Detail of tie weaving by Rayela Art
Read the full story on this wonderful piece here

Sweet apron made from recycled neckties and fabric by Michelle Claire Textiles

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