Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pass The Buck! Trendy Antlered Home Decor

In my last year's trend forecast blog post, 
"My Trend Forecast for 2011...Nature in Handcrafts" 
(from 2/7/11 and found here)  I said we'd be seeing plenty of antlered motif items including stag, buck, deer, and the like throughout 2011. 

Now I'd like to take a glance back and show some great examples of how these themes came through in handcrafts and home decor throughout the last year up to now. 

Mounted above fireplace

I haven't had time yet to write my trend forecast for 2012 (I will soon!) but as you can see, the antler theme is still going strong. What do you think?


  1. great stuff !love the ''stag artwork'' and the ''Scandinavian stag head''

  2. Wow, you found a lot of great ones, this was a very popular design in 2011!! I like the sterling silver necklace!

  3. These are some great finds! I especially like the handbag and the beautiful lampshade.

    1. I love the handbag - the colors and pattern... so pretty!

  4. That is some wonderful finds. I really love the Stag quilt - gorgeous! I'll have to stop by his quilt shop.

  5. Love these! (Especially that table base!)
    Thank you again for following me!

  6. To think my husband was chic/ahead of his time. I was the mean wife who told him any antlers were going to be hung on the porch, not in my house!

  7. Antlers are definitely popular these days! I especially like that one with the silhouette on salvaged wood.