Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fresh Ideas For Repurposing Dressers

Don't you just love it when you see a clever new use for an ordinary object?
I do! 

I especially like dressers. This is probably because I have a lot of stuff. 
When you have a lot of stuff, those extra dressers come in handy! 
As a matter of fact, I have three extra old dressers in my home.

One is in the foyer and holds seasonal  things such as winter gloves and hats.
 Another dresser in my living room keeps all of my daughters' art and craft supplies 
close at hand and organized.  A third extra dresser in my home is in my youngest
 daughter's room and is the perfect place for controlling stuffed animal overflow 
an as storage for clothes she is growing into.

Take a look at what some creative folks did with these old dressers, dresser drawers, 
and mirrors,  and maybe you will be inspired to think of how you could repurpose 
a dresser in your own home!

Kitchen island in bright blue

Repurpose an old drawer as a new shelf! from BHG

Before and after dresser to bench by Freddy and Petunia

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Have a great week!

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  1. Such great idea! I love the dresser into a dollhouse. I would have loved that as a little girl.

  2. I LOVE the back-to-back dressers as a kitchen island! We are amidst our own kitchen makeover and were worried how to afford a functional island. I am definitely going to put that idea to good use!

  3. AWESOME ideas...thanks so much for sharing!!! Blessings!

  4. The dollhouse would have rocked my world when I was little, fantastic! The dresser bench is beautiful. I am so impressed when people are able to look at an object and think outside the box. Inspiring!

  5. I just found you on Pinterest. This is a great article! I posted on my business fb page.

    Great job!



  6. A friend pinned this and I had to come visit. It kinda validates what I had to do in my kitchen: Put our spare dresser in it to put the microwave on and store all my dry-goods! It works brilliantly, and this makes me feel like I'm all stylish and stuff. LOL!

  7. Love this page ,Thank you. Posted it on my facebook page.

  8. Nice post! I hate to see a dresser on the side of the road, I always want to rescue it.It's also a good idea to control stuffed animal overflow.Thanks, Laura!

  9. Have yet to have an "extra" dresser. Cute ideas if I ever have any "extra" dressers!

  10. What great ideas, I wish I had the time...


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