Wednesday, July 11, 2012

DIY Mason Jar Crafts & Home Decor

Mason jar crafts for foodies and crafters, for weddings and home decor, for organization and storage...for anything!
Check out these great ideas and be inspired.

Painted mason jars by HummingbirdHollowCr via Etsy

Pretty hand painted mason jar from Theshabbyshore via etsy

How to paint and distress mason jars from 
It All Started With Paint

Mason Jars for Foodies...

Mason jar drinking glasses from Eat Drink Pretty

Great idea for summer picnic parties

Very Very Berry (medium)

Pie of the Month Club - 2 Pies (6 months)

Mason Jars for Home Decor and Crafts...

Dishfunctional Designs: DIY Mason Jar Crafts & Home Decor

good idea:
Lace henna mason jar lantern // DIY idea? #product_design:

Mason jar lanterns:

Pretty fabric lined mason jars from Fellowfellow

Hand Painted Mason Jar Lantern,Canary Yellow Tinted Glass with Black Accents

Mason Jar Solar Light Lantern LIDS - Set of 4 - High Quality

Antique Blue Mason Jar Vase Centerpieces Table Numbers With Flower Frog Lids - Set of 5

DIY Mason Jar 'Glitter'arium | Intimate Weddings - Small Wedding Blog - DIY Wedding Ideas for Small and Intimate Weddings - Real Small Weddings

Dishfunctional Designs: DIY Mason Jar Crafts & Home Decor:

Miniatures in a jar by Salt Tree

DIY tutorial for glow stick jars from Intimate Weddings

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser with Copper Metal Pump - Quart Jar Lotion Bottle - Mason Jar

Upcycled Rustic Country Antique Blue Mason Jar Bird Feeder With Copper Hanger

Mason jar Jack O' Lanterns. Use as votives once the candy is gone! 

Halloween mason jar terrarium from Today's Creative Blog

Mason Jar Necklace - Firefly's In A Jar - Hand Tooled Leather

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  1. I love all the projects you found for Mason Jars. I'm especially fond of the painted jar on Etsy by LIT and the pincushion/button jar. Thanks so much for sharing!
    Lori D.

  2. LOVE the second half with the useful or decorative purposes (too busy to cook ;) Again, thank you for gathering so many beautiful ideas. You are definitely my number one "go/to" place for fresh ideas! mary/wb

  3. I have to chuckle at the bird feeder becaue it really IS a bird feeder! It's original useis for chickens. :D

    1. Yes I know, they've been around a long time.

    2. Just came across your blog on Pinterest and fell in love with it! Very creative ideas. Hanging candles on the tree look fantastic! Will now follow all new posts. Thank you!

  4. Great!
    I think I'll find lot of inspiration in here!

  5. bravo...gets those creative juices flowing in me!

  6. How do I get the instructions to make the Mason Jar hanging electricl lights ?

  7. The generic name for these jars is “Canning Jars” they were made by three companies: Kerr, Mason and Ball. Some have wide necks and some were just regular sized. The wide necked jars were easier to use when adding large fruit or vegetables (peaches or skinned tomatoes).

    1. There were more than the three. I have some Atlas jars and have recently discovered Weck and Kilner. They are awesome! Bad news is that Kerr and Ball are both owned by Jardin which also owns the FoodSaver brand.

  8. First Blog I will follow, you are a sister of my heart. Mason Jars are a love I have have fixated on my whole life, I can't get enough of them. currently making a chandelier with my old Jars. Where do you find your electrical wire covers? I might make mine from burlab.

  9. This painted mason jar craft is impressive. I will definitely try this at home. Big thanks!

  10. I love your ideas. I especially like the blue one with the lace on it. I would be interested in knowing how you did this one.


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