Sunday, January 22, 2012

Upcycled: New Ways With Old Wooden Thread Spools

What do you do with old empty wooden thread spools? If you're like me, you might collect them. If you're a thrifter & sewing enthusiast, or a lover of these types of vintage bits of the past, you already know that they quickly fill up bowls. What to do with all those wooden thread spools and bobbins?

How about using them to create a unique project perfect for yourself or as a gift for the textile enthusiast? Check it out!

Red cross stitch to decorate wooden spools from

Spool Christmas tree by Maya Road

Wooden spool heart from Scrapbooks etc.

Spool pin cushions by Tracey Startin from Folksy

Spools + rubber stamps = miniature art   photo via

Ornament from Sugarlumpstudios

Sweet little birdie nest spools from Alanna George on Flickr via Pinterest

spool table by sticksandbricks

spool table by sticksandbricks

wooden spool cork board DIY instructions from thesillypearl

Necklace by WoodenNicklesJewelry via etsy

Thread spool bracelet put together by drilling holes and adding jumprings from Debis Design Diary

wood spool snowflake wreath from twopeasinabucket

wood spool snowflake wreath from twopeasinabucket

Threadspool photo holders made with paperclips and bits of lace and thread from Etsy shop Raemj

wood spool buttons

Thread spools as drawer pulls    photo via

Christmas wish list ornament with DIY from Honey Bear Lane

Unique altered art spool by Kathie Davis

Amazing wooden spool carvings by Jim Staudacher via Facebook

Amazing wooden spool carvings (process) by Jim Staudacher via Facebook

Vintage ad

Stitched spools by Susan Lenz


Cute spool wreath from Crafts Unleashed

Thread spools as hooks

Adorable thread spool poetry by Kelli Nina Perkins

Creative spool work with homemade pins from Stitches & Crosses from Marijke

What do you think?
Which is your favorite?

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  1. Oh wow those are amazing! I love the table and the cabinet door handles..

    1. Thanks for stopping by, glad you liked the post!

    2. I just love the idea of using spools for drawer pulls!

  2. Great ideas. I love the miniature art and the drawer pulls.

  3. holy crap! these are so creative. I absolutely love almost every single one of these things. I would have never thought to do any of that. It's genius.I like the table, jewelry, buttons, and drawer knobs the best! I just got into sewing so I don't have any of those great old spools around but I bet I could get my hands on some at thrift stores and yard sales.

  4. What neat ideas! I LOVE that altered art spool!

  5. The stitched spools made me sigh with admiration but my arthritic fingers piped up and warned, "Walk away now!" Still, I hopped over to Susan Lenz's blog and made a title suggestion for her installation as she'd requested.

    Another great curation, Laura Beth. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Loved the ornament idea and the cork board. Looking for more unique ideas.

    1. The ornament would be a great gift for someone who likes to sew!

  7. What great ideas, I have a few I'll add later in the week. Thanks

  8. I absolutely love, love, love the idea of spools as drawer pulls. I have a friend that died in October and I inherited her sewing box full of half empty thread spools. What a great idea to use these in my next home to replace ordinary cabinet and drawer pulls. Once the spools are empty of thread, they can either be used as is or decorated or enhanced somehow. Whoever thought of that idea is a creative genius!

  9. I Plan to use these ideas in our sewing group. I'm making a spool wreath for a group.member who.just had surgery. She'll love it!

  10. Que de bonnes idées, j'adore !

  11. Wonderfully creative ideas for old spools. I think my faves have to be the necklace and the unique altered art spools. Thanks for sharing!

  12. all these ideas are so creative.. I recently redecorated my living room and being a quilter myself, I have been gathering up all the old wooden spools I can get my hands on at thrift stores and garage sales... so I have them all around me now... I have them sitting on shelves and hanging on jute, used some to hang indoor shutters to hang my old linens on and used a couple more as hooks to hang some decorations from... these are great ideas ... thanks for sharing..

  13. I have stumbled over your blog numerous times. Every time I have been blessed by your creativity. Today, I got the chills with how clever people can be. And talented. Thank you so much for sharing your creative ideas with the world. You are a blessing. :)


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