Sunday, May 15, 2022

How My Book Was Pirated By Low Content Authors On KDP


Hey friends I have a CRAZY story for you today about how my book was pirated by low-content authors on Kindle Direct Publishing, aka KDP.

Now, as for no-content publishing and low-content publishing I say, to each his own: I don't see anything wrong at all with low/no content publishing as long as there is a certain amount of quality involved. 

That means giving the customer what you are advertising, having knowledge about what you are writing about, being an expert in the topic at hand, etc. but copyright infringement is theft...

Now if you don't know what low-content book are, they basically are just that - books with very little printed content inside the pages. These can be legit books that are types of journals and things like that where you would expect there to be little printed content on the inside pages. 

But there has been a storm of books building on Amazon that are just terrible. I am speaking particularly about the craft and jewelry genre,  since that's my specialty.  Instead of being full of useful information, these books are filled with very little useful content, and the content that is there is often just copied from other people's sources off of the internet. 

Sound terrible? It is. It waters down all the great, useful books out there and makes a mess of what you find on Amazon when you are searching for a particular book. 

Now, don't get me wrong, there are plenty of quality low-content books that are written by folks who have expertise in the topic that they are writing about and who know what they are talking about and have quality, valuable information to share. Then there are the others... 

Watch my video below and see what happened when I found out my own books were being pirated by low-content KDP "authors." 

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