Sunday, September 6, 2020

Hand Painted Enameled Heart Charms In My Etsy Shop

Wow, I've been holding on to these for a really long time! I don't know if it's because I didn't want to part with them, or because I thought I might make more before I offered them in my shop...But I figured I had better get some of these new creations listed in my Etsy shop before I get busy with something else.

The creating and making I can do for hours, sometimes days, on end. The taking photos of everything from different angles, then editing those photos and then sitting and taking the time to list each one in my shop - now that takes a lot of time and is something I really don't enjoy! 

Ask any artist where they'd rather spend their time, creating or listing, and they will tell you creating of course. So yes, I have lots and lots of things that I am creating one after the next, and they are mostly neatly assembled in pretty little antique china bowls, just waiting for their day in the sun. These heart charm pendants are one of those things. 
These were definitely a labor of love. Each was first enameled, then hand-painted (sometimes using a magnifying glass!) using the tiniest paint brushes, and once the painting was finished each was sealed with a glass-like finish to protect the painting. Most of these measure only one-inch in size or less! 

Some of these are the "puffy" style hearts, others have a plain flat reverse side. Here is just a sampling of what I have just listed in my shop.

(more styles available in my Etsy shop)

All pieces shown are available for purchase in my Etsy shop: Dishfunctional Designs 

Necklace pendants come with chains and arrive gift boxed!

Have a great week!

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