Friday, May 18, 2018

Super Special Announcement: Jewelry From My Boho Chic Jewelry Book Now Available in My Etsy Shop!

Own an actual jewelry piece from my Boho Chic Jewelry book!

My jewelry inventory has really been piling up and so I decided to let go of a few very special pieces that I have been holding on to...

These are the original pieces that I created for my first book, Boho Chic Jewelry: 25 Timeless Designs Using Soldering, Beading, Wire Wrapping, and More!

As you can imagine, these pieces are super-special to me! But I want them to go to good homes so that others can enjoy them. Because I created them for my very first book, they have a lot of love in them, and were part of a really big adventure! 

These are in very limited quantity - when you write a jewelry projects book you make two or three identical pieces of each project...this is because you are shooting the how-to photos of the project in different stages of completion. 

For my photo shoot my publisher flew me from PA to Cincinnati OH, and along with me went all of the projects and my tools. Weeks after I returned home I receive the jewelry pieces back in the mail after they are sent to an out of house photography studio for the "beauty shots" which are the beautiful fab photos you see on the front and back cover and throughout the book. 

To make a long story short, I want to make sure these special pieces go to loving homes rather than keep them in a box in my workshop, so I am slowly listing them a couple at a time in my Etsy shop!

The first three are listed today and they are the dinner knife bell necklace (featured on the back cover of Boho Chic Jewelry book!), the vintage rose chintz china birdhouse pendant project from page 39, and the Taurus necklace pendant seen on page 52! 

It's like owning an actual piece of the book!

You can find them here in my Etsy shop, and stay tuned for more that I will be listing in the near future!

Thanks for visiting & have a great week!

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