Sunday, May 22, 2016

Beautiful Broken China Jewelry

I just listed these new pieces in my Etsy shop, and you can find them here...

I hope you like them! Check back for more later this week!

What do you think?

Enjoy the rest of your week! 
Love, Laura

My broken china jewelry is always available for purchase at

article and images ©Laura Beth Love 2016


  1. The heart-shaped pieces are always so cute :)

  2. Replies
    1. I tried to email you via your Etsy shop but maybe that email didn't work.

      Your broken china jewelry is so beautiful. Yesterday I broke a lovely vintage plate (pre-WWII German, light green, delicate lovely flowers with hand-painted highlights) and I hate to just throw it out. I would be very happy to send it to you, if you would like it. I would feel better about having broken the plate by knowing that it has the chance of a second life as some of your beautifully made jewelry.

      You can reply to me via this email address if you're interested in this beautiful but sad broken plate.



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