Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Unlock A Perfect Cup With A TASSIMO Brewer!

Disclosure: This is a TASSIMO™ sponsored post. I have personally tested the product myself and all opinions on the product are my own honest opinions. I have been compensated for my time to sample and review this product. I am not employed by TASSIMO™.

I'm a coffee junkie, so I was thrilled for the opportunity to try out the TASSIMO™ brewer. I've only ever used a standard, common coffee maker at home and have never tried any type of home brewing system before this, so I was really excited to see what all the fuss was about! I love coffee, but not only am I an avid coffee drinker, I also love tea and all types of hot beverages. Because I work at home, I work odd hours. Sometimes I work early in the morning, and sometimes late into the night, so I often find myself making pots of coffee at unusual times or reheating a cup from a pot that I may have brewed a few hours ago. Not only does reheated coffee taste awful, but I find that later on I end up throwing the remainder of what I brewed earlier down the sink. That's wasteful, and it always bothers me when I find myself doing that. So the first thing that made me want to try the TASSIMO™ brewer was the simple fact that it brewed individual servings of coffee. 

I knew that this machine used beverage cartridges, called T DISCs, so my first question was, where do I get the T DISCS? I'm a busy mom! I take care of two young daughters and run a full time business all by myself, so being able to get the T DISCs relatively easily was an important factor for me.  I was happy to find out that I could get them at my local Bed Bath and Beyond, or that I could order them online at Amazon or from the TASSIMO™ website. Another point scored for TASSIMO™!

I was thrilled when I learned was that the TASSIMO™ brewer was not just for brewing coffee. The TASSIMO™ brewer can create coffee, teas,  hot chocolate, as well as many different varieties of coffee drinks such as espresso,  cappuccinos, and lattes. Yay! 

How does one machine create all of these different beverages so perfectly? 

The secret to the TASSIMO™ brewer is something called INTELLIBREW™ technology. The TASSIMO™ brewer actually reads a barcode that is on each T DISC. The barcode is the key to unlocking the perfect cup!

Here's how it works. Each barcode contains exact brewing directions that are specific to each different beverage that the brewer makes. That's right: not all hot beverages are brewed in exactly the same way. Other brewers use the same water volume, temperature, and brew time for ALL of their beverages. Not TASSIMO™!  The barcode on the T DISC tells the brewer how to make each unique beverage the way it is supposed to be made. It tells the exact water volume, temperature, and brew time for each beverage. This technology allows the brewer to offer you lots of drink possibilities! 

I sampled the coffees first, and was really impressed with how easy it was to operate the brewer, how fast it worked, and especially how perfect the taste of each cup was!  I also really liked the fact that I could brew coffees that were a little more bold or a little less bold just by choosing the T DISC that suited my taste at that time. I loved the variety and having all of these options!  

The lattes and cappuccinos were fabulous! 

The Hazelnut Coffee and the Pumpkin Latte were the perfect fall coffees to offer my guests after dinner on Sunday. The Peppermint Hot Chocolate was especially nice because it was something that I could make in the TASSIMO™ brewer for my children to enjoy. Overall, I was really impressed with the taste and quality of the beverages, the varieties of T DISC beverages that are available, as well as the availability of seasonal T DISC beverages. I think the TASSIMO™ brewer would be a great gift this holiday season for someone else or even for yourself! 

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